Thyme 百里香

Thyme is a perennial herb that is available in a wide variety of colors and scents. No matter what variety, it’s still a classic Witch’s garden herb. Well known as a fabulous herb to use in all sorts of cooking, thyme is equally marvelous and versatile when it comes to incorporation it into...


這幾個月,意外發現許多女性客戶都問我同樣的問題:「小嵐,我現在的男友對我很好、我知道應該好好珍惜,可是…我好像不像以前那麼愛他了…」 「哦?為什麼不愛了呢?」 每個客戶的答案當然各自不同:「因為他太黏我了!」、「他以前瞞著我偷跟別的女生交往過~」、「明明他知道我的地雷是什麼,卻還一直踩!」、「我沒想到原來他這麼宅…」雖然每位客戶的變心原因各有所異,但我發現,其實整個事件的流程基本上都大同小異: 剛開始很甜蜜 → 有缺點可以包容溝通 → 時間久了浪漫的感覺越來越淡 → 以前的缺點不斷重複發生,越來越不能忍受 → 新的男性帶來曖昧氣息 → 開始懷疑這段感情 →...

The Moon of the Wand-Maker 滿月魔杖

The full moon in Aries represents the divine impulse that inspires creativity. Artistic skills are often a solitary pursuit, as much a matter of self-development as of honing talents. Aries is the sign of the quest, the spark that initiates a personal mission in life. Artists in the Craft may...

女巫手札:dill 蒔蘿

在中世紀,民間常用蒔蘿來驅魔辟邪,當時人們多喜門口或窗上結掛蒔蘿。另外他們也將蒔蘿當作一種祈求愛情的靈藥,據說女孩或男孩有了中意人時,便會設法偷偷將蒔蘿塞入對方的口袋,以祈求兩人能幸福相愛。此外有些地方,新娘也會在自己的鞋子裡塞進少許鹽和一小枝茴香,衣服上會用蒔蘿裝飾藉以祈求婚姻幸福。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dill gets its name from an old Norse word “dilla” which means “to lull” or...

Mabon 秋分時節

Mabon is the season of sacrifice, of watching what you love die, and committing yourself to faith that those things you see withering before you will return in another form. 當你看到自己喜愛的植物在秋分之後漸漸枯萎、卻什麼都無法改變或挽回,這時你會覺得秋天真是個充滿離別的季節。但請相信:未來他們都會以新的樣貌重新回到這個世界。   If you live in a temperate climate walk...

Moon of Siduri, the Heavenly Barmaid埃及的孟婆:聖羅莎

聖羅莎在埃及是個著名的「釀酒女神」,那時人們沿著幼發拉底河從亞美尼亞把葡萄酒運送至富庶的巴比倫。對美索不達米亞平原上的古蘇美爾人來說,葡萄和葡萄酒是不朽與長生的象徵。在他們的神話中曾說:葡萄之女居於海上,採之釀酒;Siduri坐于海濱之花園中舉起神賜予她的金酒器。   The full moon in Pisces illuminates the cosmic river of souls, the collective unconscious, and the powers of prophecy. Siduri is the bartender who offers food...

Sweet roots of Mabon 秋分時節:來個薯食大餐~

Mabon,是指秋分時期,這一天對巫師們來說可是個大日子,慶祝一整年的努力與收穫、並且準備迎接下來的冬天。在這天巫師們常會舉辦一場「薯根大餐」,裡面有各種秋天採收的薯根類植物 – 話不多說,現在就讓我們也來嚐嚐看吧!   1 large red potato 1 large yellow potato 1 sweet potato 4 carrots 1/8 cup honey 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 tsp. paprika 1/2 tsp. salt 1 T....

善良 是傷害自己最鋒利的劍

「有個男生跟我認識十年了,之前他暗戀過我,但是我對他沒有感覺。最近他說很想我,希望我去找他—其實我有點不太想去,但我又不想破壞情誼,所以一直不知道要怎麼跟他說?」 ------------------------------------------- 命運...


This deciduous tree is sacred to the elves and the Fey. Elm tree once dominated the forest of Britain until Dutch elm disease wiped out many of the oldest trees. In a practical level, the trees are missed. A strong and water-repellent wood, elm was often used for making coffins. Elm trees were also...

MOON OF THE SILVER WEB 水瓶座滿月 與 銀色心靈網絡

Strengthen connections and promote good fortune. For the group under this Aquarian Full Moon. Shared beliefs and rituals are the basis for these invisible strands. Over time, a silver web or “Psychic Coven Network” forms. Connected people don’t need special ring-tones; they know who is calling...

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